Discover GodSpace

Discover GodSpace


GodSpace is a three-year curriculum that provides an age appropriate, enriching environment for kids to question, explore and discover life issues in the context of the Christian faith. The easy-to-prepare lessons provide ample opportunities for all students to participate and contribute through activities, discussions, and reflections.

Discover how GodSpace can transform your teaching in SRE/RI and beyond.

What people have to say
“Thoroughly commend the work that has been done on preparing the new GodSpace materials. I'm an experienced classroom teacher who now teaches SRE as well. I teach in an environment where sometimes students struggle with engagement. The materials are excellent! I love the fact that it is all online so for me there is no more fussing with hard copy manuals or disks. Praise God for technology and a great team at GodSpace!”
“The manual makes preparing for lessons and teaching so simple. It is well written and gives lots of choices on different activities to include in the lesson so we can cater to the children’s levels and interests. The children enjoy completing their magazines they are a good way to see if they have understood what the lesson was about. ”
“The kids are loving the new resources, the videos, music and the new magazines are all so engaging. ”

A Year of Questions

GodSpace Purple invites students to explore answers to life’s biggest questions and how these answers can be found in the bible.

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