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What’s Your Philosophy for Teaching the Bible?
GodSpace takes the Bible seriously. GodSpace also takes what we know about children seriously. So GodSpace lessons take truths of Scripture that are relevant to contemporary children and use engaging ways and their life experiences to help the children grasp that truth for themselves.

GodSpace is committed to teaching children the truths of Scripture and where  practical, to encourage them to encounter the Bible text for themselves. However, we acknowledge that children are not empty vessels to be filled with knowledge, they have their own beliefs, opinions and interests already. GodSpace lessons start with children and their world to capture interest, and move from there to God and a Christian worldview. It’s done by arousing curiosity, introducing fascinating facts, questioning, stories and engaging the group in discussion while presenting the Bible in life-related ways.

Is GodSpace suitable for children with little or no knowledge or experience of Christian things?
Yes. GodSpace is designed for children with little or no church or Bible experience to introduce them to what the Bible is about and what it says about God, people and real life.

Does GodSpace work for composite classes?
Yes. There are 4 levels in GodSpace, with a combined aged group lesson and all work on a three year curriculum.

We also have a stand alone set of lessons called Discoverers for children in their first year of school to give them an overview and introduction to the Bible and GodSpace.

We have an after school kids club, can we use GodSpace?
Because GodSpace is designed to introduce children to what the Bible is about, it can be used for kids’ clubs. Some run-around games are are included as options, and the lessons still work well without using the magazines.

It’s not unusual for us to only get 20 minutes actual lesson time. How long are GodSpace lessons?
GodSpace lessons have a number of separate activities with times included. You can see at a glance what to choose for a 20 minute lesson.

Can I use GodSpace for Sunday School?
GodSpace assumes the children don’t have much Christian knowledge so it’s not recommended for children who know the Bible well. If however your Sunday School  has lots of community children, it could be just what you’re looking for.

I don’t have a lot of time for preparation. Is GodSpace user-friendly?
All your visuals and Bible passage printouts, memory verse posters, scripts and songs are included with GodSpace on the USB card, which cuts preparation time considerably. When you order your Teachers manual you get a USB with printable visual aides, powerpoints, songs, etc. included in the price. So it’s all at your fingertips when you come to prepare.

What theological position is GodSpace coming from?
GodSpace is designed to introduce children to what the Bible is about, so the core beliefs are those common to mainstream Christian denominations. CLICK HERE for our Statement of Belief.

Click here to find out more about Baptist SRE in NSW.