About GodSpace

About GodSpace

What is GodSpace?

GodSpace is a three-year curriculum that provides an enriching environment for kids to question, explore and discover the relevance of the Christian faith in their own lives. A diverse team of theologically-qualified education specialists have been at the helm of rewriting the curriculum, and the stories and activities are age appropriate in an educational setting for kids ages 4 to 12.

GodSpace has been one of the most popular nationally-approved resources in Australia for over 20 years. We’ve made improvements because we believe our curious kids deserve the best resources, and our committed teachers deserve the best support.

Why GodSpace?

If you are involved in teaching scripture, we’d love to help you share your faith, teaching kids biblical truth. You can be assured that the contemporary GodSpace curriculum is aligned with the best teaching practice used in schools today, and is written for a new generation of students who are immersed in a more visual and digital learning environment. You will find the GodSpace curriculum easy to prepare with clearly defined lesson plans and comprehensive audio-visual lesson downloads, including video unit introductions to help the you set the context.

The magazines provide a space for students to reflect on their learning. We recognise that students learn in their own unique way, the magazines support each student to engage at their own pace and through their own learning style. There are spaces for prayer, reflection and the student’s own questions allow them to consider what the lesson means for them and how it will influence their faith journey.

What people have to say
“We use Godspace, as it has been so helpful being one book for the year, making suggestions and adjustments to suit the appropriate age of the students. Plenty of ideas for all the grades, colourful pictures, songs, memory verses and games. Bless you and your work for the Lord.”
“It has surprised me how they have remembered the song, The Way and the Truth and the Life`, even without putting the words and music on. Simple and repetitive songs are ideal for learning the memory verse. I have had the I privilege of teaching SRE for 47 years and the children can still surprise me plus I still enjoy it. Thank you for your excellent curriculum.”
“I have been using GodSpace materials with my SRE classes for 7 years now. I love the simple, clear and strong messages and the creative ways these messages are presented to students across a range of ages.”
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