Relational, relevant and engaging Bible lessons for kids.

Contemporary, engaging resources for students aged 4 to12 to explore life issues in the context of the Christian faith.

Relational, relevant and engaging Bible lessons for kids.

Written, produced and printed in Australia. Aussie Bible Lessons for 4 to 12 year olds.


GodSpace is the curriculum that moves with the times. The updated curriculum engages kids in exploring the Bible so that they can make informed decisions about Christian faith…

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GodSpace lessons affirm Christian values such as compassion for all people, giving and receiving forgiveness, hope in difficult times, courage to do right and love that leads to action…

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Written, produced & printed in Australia.

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“We use Godspace, as it has been so helpful being one book for the year, making suggestions and adjustments to suit the appropriate age of the students. Plenty of ideas for all the grades, colourful pictures, songs, memory verses and games. Bless you and your work for the Lord.”
“It has surprised me how they have remembered the song, The Way and the Truth and the Life`, even without putting the words and music on. Simple and repetitive songs are ideal for learning the memory verse. I have had the I privilege of teaching SRE for 47 years and the children can still surprise me plus I still enjoy it. Thank you for your excellent curriculum.”
“I have been using GodSpace materials with my SRE classes for 7 years now. I love the simple, clear and strong messages and the creative ways these messages are presented to students across a range of ages.”
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