Training Videos

Training Videos

Welcome to the GodSpace Training Video Collection. Here you will find a range of videos to assist in various elements of teaching including preparing lessons, accessing resources and engaging students.

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Training Session Recordings

Exploring Life with God using GodSpace Yellow 24

Overview GodSpace Yellow 24 theme and units, plus how to plan and prepare lessons.

Time / Topic
0:00 – Introduction to GodSpace
2:50 – Yellow 24 – Exploring Life with God
[Year at a Glance / Easter Lessons / Extra Lessons]
15:00 – Preparing Lessons & Resources Overview
26:23 – Choosing Resources for Your Context
36:10 – Wrap Up & Where to Get Help

Recording from our Amplify online elective Exploring Life with God using GodSpace Yellow 24.

All About Questions

Question – is a key element of the GodSpace curriculum. We explore how we can use and respond to questions with children.

Time / Topic
3:19 – Question – A GodSpace Curriculum Element
5:42 – Creating Space for Questions
21:12 – Guiding Discussions / Responding to Questions
45:00 – Where to find resources on questions

Back to Basics

Explore the GodSpace Curriculum teaching framework and how to choose the best resources for your context

Topics –

  • GodSpace Philosophy – the framework underpinning GodSpace Curriculum
  • Choosing resources for your context
  • Accessing resources online – brief overview
  • What to do if something doesn’t work – creating a back-up lesson on the go

How to Use the NEW GodSpace Purple 23

Part 1 includes an overview of the GodSpace resources.

Time / Topic
3:08       What is GodSpace?
5:20       Purple 2023 Theme
10:28    Purple 2023 Updates
13:56    Getting Started – Resource Features
18:00    Lesson Manual Tips
23:15    Student Magazine Tips
25:57    PDF & PPT Info

Recording from our Amplify online elective How to Use the New GodSpace Purple 2023.

Lesson Downloads Walkthrough

How to Use the NEW GodSpace Purple 23Part 2 includes an overview of the GodSpace website, downloads and media.

Time / Topic
0:00       Website Features – FAQs & Contact Us
1:45       Lesson Downloads – Resources & Filters
6:14       Bulk Unit Download
10:17    Organising Files on Your Computer
14:45    Downloading Videos
16:35    GodSpace Lite – Tips for slow internet
18:20    Adding Songs to PPT
27:51    Review

Recording from our Amplify online elective How to Use the New GodSpace Purple 2023.

Prayer & Planning

Explore how to plan for a great GodSpace lesson and engage students in prayer within the school context


  • Planning – Structuring the Year
  • Teaching Cycle – Plan, Teach, Reflect
  • Prayer in public schools – age appropriate, sensitive & respectful

Getting the most out of GodSpace

Recording from our online info session on Getting the most out of GodSpace 

Topics –

  • How to access and use Lesson Downloads
  • Engaging your class

Please note small changes have been made to the website and PPTs since this video was produced.

GodSpace Launch Recording

NEW GodSpace Green 2022 Launch

Recording of our online Launch event for the new GodSpace including a look at the new resources and Lesson Manuals.

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