Talking with a school principal about SRE/RI/CRI, at school orientation for new families, or in teacher training

GodSpace has also produced a double-sided DL postcard for you to give to parents, explaining the content of our curriculum. If you are interested in getting some of these please send us an email, saying where you are from and how many you would like.

Click here to download About Choosing SRE/RI/CRE – Sample Flyer for Parents

Click here to download About GodSpace – Sample Postcard for Parents


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Songs and music

Due to copyright restrictions we can’t reproduce manuscript music but if you go to the song writers/producers’ websites you will often find the info and/or links you need. Please click here to see explore some of the different options for music that are authorised for use with GodSpace.


Curriculum training

Training and tips for GodSpace are included in the curriculum. This is an important part of GodSpace and is included in the lesson overview of every lesson.

For further training for SRE please see the different options that we offer for SRE Training:

Partnering with prayer

Pray for SRE/CRE/RI/CRI/Scripture in Schools

  • Pray for the many classes being done in schools – that message of God’s Word will be clear and relevant to the children.
  • Pray for Coordinators who are needing people to fill classes. The need is great.
  • Give thanks for thousands of volunteers who go into schools each week.
  • Pray for excellent, Godly communication between churches and schools.
  • Pray for great relationships to be formed between teachers and school staff.
  • Give thanks for the support of principals and school SRE Coordinators.
  • Pray for teachers who need extra training to be effective. Pray that it will be offered in their area soon and that they’ll tap into it.
  • Pray for the families we teach.
  • Pray for students with special needs.
  • Pray for the the SRE/SEE Officer employed by the DEC who is working with ICCOREIS to get gain a better understanding of SRE.
  • Pray for the outcome of the SRE/SEE Review.

Pray for Kids Clubs who use GodSpace

  • Give thanks for all the kids whose only contact with a Christian person is kids club. Pray that they’ll make the choice to be Jesus’ friend.
  • Pray for children who struggle to relate well to their peers and leaders, and for wisdom for the leaders in showing them God’s love and setting expectations.
  • Some groups would benefit from extra leaders. Pray for the best ones!
  • Pray for increased interaction between leaders and the kids’ parents.

Pray for Godspace

  • Pray for the Advisory and Visionary Taskforce who help us look to the future of GodSpace and God’s direction for us.
  • Pray for the whole GodSpace team, editor, writers, musicians, graphic artists that they keep the focus of being relevant, bible-based, relational and engaging.
  • Give thanks for the writers and their creativity, their common sense and their passion to see kids know God and follow Jesus. Pray for the writers own kids groups and classes.
  • Praise God with us for great training days being held around NSW and Qld and for the enthusiasm with which coordinators and teachers shared ideas and solutions.
Inspiring books and training

Below is a list of books and training resources for SRE/CRI teachers.

Too Small To Ignore: Why the least of these matters most

by Dr Wes Stafford

The leader of Compassion International shares his inspiring boyhood adventures growing up in an African village and challenges us all to change the world one child at a time.

Children and the Gospel

by Ron Buckland

This book is for the theologically inclined and gives a careful, comprehensive theological underpinning of ministry with children

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions

by George Barna

This book is based on sound research and will inspire you to aim higher in ministry with children while at the same time equipping you to explain to others why children’s ministry is so important.

Hotshots: What I wanna know

by Scripture Union

The main questions kids ask with answers from the Bible. Written for 8-12 year olds.