Relational, Relevant, Engaging

GodSpace is Relational

GodSpace enables students and teachers to create a place where they can together encounter and respond to God in ways that are inclusive, respectful and that support educational outcomes across the curriculum.

GodSpace is Relevant

GodSpace equips teachers to share the Bible in ways which are relevant to children’s lives today and makes sense to them. We have made changes in order to reflect the changes of society, and carefully chosen memory verses that we hope will stay with kids. 

GodSpace is Engaging

GodSpace engages kids in exploring the Bible so they can make up their own minds about it. The contemporary curriculum is written for a new generation of students who are immersed in a more visual and digital learning environment. 

The Bible

GodSpace believes that the Bible is central to Christian faith and friendship with God. God reveals himself through his word, and this is both life-giving and life-changing.

GodSpace is committed to teaching children the truths of Scripture and where practical, to encourage them to encounter the Bible text for themselves. We recommend using the Contemporary English Version (CEV) or International Children’s Bible (ICB). The Bible passage for each lesson and Unit Bible Verses are available on the USB and web resources.

 The Bible Society has special offers to resource Public Schools Ministry.


Question, Explore, Discover

GodSpace acknowledges that each child is unique and so is their faith journey. Each GodSpace lesson is based on the ‘Question, Explore, Discover’ model which allows children to investigate the Christian life and teaching, make connections with worldviews and their own beliefs and to make up their own minds about faith, values and friendship with Jesus.

 For more information about the Question, Explore, Discover model visit the Christian SRE website –