* Due to concerns about the content of Yellow 2018 22 & 23, and the song ‘I AM Who I AM’ it is recommended they not be used this till a new revision is made. Click here for more details.

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We’ve added the following to the website:
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Order forms for 2018 books are now available.  Click here for Yellow 2018 orders.
Other books may be available upon request.
Email to find out what’s available.

Check out out the new Discoverers book - for children in their First Year at School

Changes in 2017/2018 for Power Tools

Due to personal and school computers no longer having built in CD/DVD players we changed to a USB card in 2017.

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CHANGES to Payment Options.

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Information Postcards about choosing SRE

ICCOREIS (inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools) has produced an informative 3-fold flyer to give to parents at orientation day to explain about SRE and why it’s important to indicate something on the enrolment form.

Click here to register with the name of your school and how many you would like.

Click here to download a sample.
You are encouraged to approach your school principal and request permission to give them out. Why not ask to be able to speak for three minutes about the benefits of SRE. You may download from here a powerpoint to use.

GodSpace Information Cards for Parents
GodSpace has also produced a double sided DL postcard for you to give to parents, explaining about the content of our curriculum. Click here to see a sample. If you are interested in getting some of these please send us an email, saying where you are from and how many you would like.

Click here to see a Yellow 2018 sample lesson.
To place an order please fill out the order form. Click here for Yellow 2018 order form.

mail to PO Box 572 Penrith NSW 2751

scan Scan Yellow 2018 Order Form and email to sales@godspace.org.au

email to sales@godspace.org.au

fax to 02 4732 1225

phone contact to 1 300 GODSPACE  (1300 463 772) - this will be the cost of a local call.

international phone to + 61 2 4721 9037

enquires to sales@godspace.org.au

phone to  02 4721 9037

physical address  Unit 7, 55 York Road, South Penrith NSW  (Pick up orders available from here)

For ALL other GodSpace orders please email GodSpace Sales.

GREAT offers from our partners in ministry:


The team from ‘Lost Sheep’ - a creative resource that we highly recommend and endorse to compliment GodSpace - have a fantastic offer.


They have created a single user "Chaplains" membership for Chaplains and SRE, SRI workers in state schools. Full access to all their resources for only $59. This is such a gift for those in school. Click here for more info. When there click ‘chaplains’ plan.

SRE Training in NSW (also suitable for Kids Ministry Leaders)
Click here to go to the training page to check out dates and venues around NSW.

Training DVDs

The Baptist Association and GodSpace have combined to produce training DVDs based on the competencies in the ICCOREIS agreed training framework. These DVDs are ideal for new teachers, for those who have not yet done all the essential classroom modules at a training day and for those who want a refresher.  Click here for more info.

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