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sre training

Click here to email Joseph Lam for information of Creating Safe Spaces Training             

                                                                                                           (includes Child Protection)

Important Note: ONLY training provided by an Approved member of the SCTA
Safe Church Training Agreement). There are no approved ‘on line ONLY’ ones around.

Please check with Joseph Lam before commencing any training.

Recommended On-Going Training Days  We encourage you to do something that is kid related and could be adapted to use in SRE (currently it is a minimum of two hours per year)

            Click here for a summary of all the SRE Training modules
(regardless of what curriculum you are using)

See below for upcoming basic SRE training days
(based on the agreed framework as set out by ICCOREIS NSW Inc)

Click here to see the ICCOREIS Standard

Important Information: This training is not just about ‘how’ to teach, but also about the ‘why’.

It is for new and experienced SRE teachers (including trained and experienced classroom teachers and pastors)

99% of people leave the day feeling re-energised, enthusiastic, and amazed at what they have learned and have been able to share.

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            Click here to download your own SRE Training record sheet

email for requests and details for 2018

Training DVDs

The Baptist Association and GodSpace have combined to produce training DVDs based on the competencies in the ICCOREIS agreed training framework. These DVDs are ideal for new teachers, for those who have not yet done all the essential classroom modules at a training day and for those who want a refresher.  Click here for more info. Add your postal address and whom to make the invoice out to.

ABN: 24 941 624 663

            2018 Dates  Click onto the name of the town/city for more details and printable flyer

Apr 9   Wingham (HunterSRE)
             Mod 3
             Register here

Apr 14 Muswellbrook
             Mods 1-5
             Register here    

           Download for information to do Observation Lesson (Module 6) for volunteer teachers

           Download for information to do Observation Lesson (Module 6) for PAID SRE teachers

Apr 30  Wingham (HunterSRE)
             Mod 4
             Register here    

May 7  Wingham (HunterSRE)
             Mod 5
             Register here

May 14 Wingham (HunterSRE)
             Mod 6
             Register here