Pray for Other GodSpace Groups

If you would like prayer for anything to do with your GodSpace group, email info@godspace.org.au and we'll put it on this page and encourage others to pray for you. 

Pray for SRE/CRE/RI/CRI/Scripture in Schools

  1. BulletPray for the many classes being done in schools - that message of God’s Word will be clear and relevant to the children.

  2. BulletPray for Coordinators who are needing people to fill classes. The need is great.

  3. BulletGive thanks for thousands of volunteers who go into schools each week.

  4. BulletPray for excellent, Godly communication between churches and schools.

  5. BulletPray for great relationships to be formed between teachers and school staff.

  6. BulletGive thanks for the support of principals and school SRE Coordinators.

  7. BulletPray for teachers who need extra training to be effective. Pray that it will be offered in their area soon and that they'll tap into it. 

  8. BulletPray for the families we teach.

  9. BulletPray for students with special needs.

  10. BulletPray for the the SRE/SEE Officer employed by the DEC who is working with ICCOREIS to get gain a better understanding of SRE.

  11. BulletPray for the outcome of the SRE/SEE Review

Pray for kids clubs who use GodSpace

  1. BulletGive thanks for all the kids whose only contact with a Christian person is kids club. Pray that they'll make the choice to be Jesus' friend.

  2. BulletPray for children who struggle to relate well to their peers and leaders, and for wisdom for the leaders in showing them God's love and setting expectations.

  3. BulletSome groups would benefit from extra leaders. Pray for the best ones!

  4. BulletPray for increased interaction between leaders and the kids' parents.

Pray for GodSpace

  1. BulletPray for the Advisory and Visionary Taskforce who help us look to the future of GodSpace and God’s direction for us.

  2. BulletPray for the whole GodSpace team, editor, writers, musicians, graphic artists that they keep the focus of being relevant, bible-based, relational and engaging.

  3. BulletGive thanks for the writers and their creativity, their common sense and their passion to see kids know God and follow Jesus. Pray for the writers own kids groups and classes.

  4. BulletPraise God with us for great training days being held around NSW and Qld and for the enthusiasm with which coordinators and teachers shared ideas and solutions. Click here for updated news for dates and places.

GodSpace is produced by Burst Christian Resources affiliated with Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT