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Aussie Bible Lessons for 4 to 12 year olds

         Written, produced and printed in Australia.

bible based

Children engage with God’s living word to discover the reality of God in their lives.

Experts from diverse backgrounds, experienced in theology and teaching children make sure that the Bible content in presented in a contemporary way that kids see as relevant.

GodSpace is a three year curriculum that engages kids and helps them explore the Bible and Christian life so they can make up their own minds about it.




Because Christianity is all about relationships, the lessons provide activities to help the children experience acceptance and love in the learning environment while being pointed to Jesus and a relationship with him.

GodSpace lesson materials are being used enthusiastically in a number of different settings. These include joint denominational SRE teams in NSW government schools, RI classes in Queensland and CRE teams in the ACT and Christian schools all around Australia. Others who have found GodSpace works well for them are church kids' groups, multicultural kids' clubs found in every Australian state and major territory as well as churches in New Zealand and other countries.

 If you are involved in school Scripture SRE/CRE/RE/RI, kids club or another church activity we'd love to help you share your faith and teach children biblical truth so that they will be able to make their own educated decisions concerning the Christian faith.

Teachers/Instructors are reminded to be aware, and make students aware, of the need to be true to themselves about their views while also being sensitive to the differing views and diversity of faith groups in our society.”

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With each state School Curricula needs to be approved. Check with your own state’s legislation and Approved Providers to confirm which process you need to follow. The body that authorises you also needs to approve your teaching materials which must be publicly available on a website such as this. In a joint program, the churches involved need to approve what you use.

All GodSpace users who are involved in Government/State schools are reminded that you all need to be familiar and compliant with the policies, procedures and requirements of the jurisdiction and schools wherever you are teaching/instructing.

GodSpace is produced by Burst Christian Resources affiliated with Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT

ABN: 24 941 624 663

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