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GodSpace is a three year curriculum designed to engage children in a relationship with God and his Word. When looking through curriculum, please note that the stories and activities have been written so that they are appropriate in an educational setting for children ages 5 to 12.

There is now a Stand Alone First Year at School curriculum - Discoverers.
Click here for an overview of the Discoverers Lessons.

GodSpace is built on the foundational truth that knowing God is more than knowing stories about God. Knowing God is about having a relationship with the creator of the universe.

GodSpace is committed to providing clearly defined lesson plans for teaching those with little or no Christian knowledge, whilst also providing choices for augmenting and extending the core lesson to best suit teaching styles and the children's needs.

GodSpace is organised around a yearly program designed to take children on a journey from little or no understanding into a deeper experience of God and his love for us.

GodSpace lessons strongly affirm Christian values and we’ve highlighted the values incorporated in each lessons. These are
underlying values within but not the focus of the lesson.

GodSpace provides Scope and Sequences for each Lesson Manual

GodSpace is widely used in joint denominational programs in schools throughout NSW and Qld, other states, territories and overseas.  
Within each state, School Curricula needs to be approved. Check with your own state’s legislation and Approved Providers to confirm which process you need to follow. The body that authorises you also needs to approve your teaching materials which must be publicly available on a website such as this. In a joint program, the churches involved need to approve what you use.

GodSpace is produced by Burst Christian Resources affiliated with Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT

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