Classroom games

Classroom Games are included in GodSpace lessons.  Games can serve many important purposes like building relationships, getting to know children's strengths and weaknesses, providing discussion starters, refocusing attention, creating interest and giving an experience of a concept the children will not grasp with words alone. Enjoy games and activities as part of your time together and children will learn much better. 

Here are some sample games from the GodSpace lessons - scroll to the bottom to see the monthly updated games.

Stand for True/ Sit for False

Read out these statements one at a time. Everyone needs to listen closely to hear them and doing something quick and active together helps to refocus the group when necessary. It also helps underline the fact that there is such a thing as truth.

  1. BulletA giraffe can clean its ears with its 53cm tongue. (T)

  2. BulletOne quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet. (T)

  3. BulletYour nose smells best when you are about 10 years old. (T)

  4. BulletAustralia is a major exporter of camels. (T)

  5. BulletWhales can swim backwards. (F)

  6. BulletThe koala is found in every state of Australia (F)

  7. BulletFingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails. (T)

Mouse and Cheese

This is a 'guess the word' game like hangman. Start by drawing a flight of steps with a mouse on the bottom and a block of cheese on the top. Every time a letter is guessed that isn't in the chosen word, draw a line up to the next step to indicate that the mouse is moving closer to the cheese. The group has to guess the word before the mouse reaches the cheese

Getting to Know You Activities

Non Readers: My Name Is...

Ask the children to think of a favourite thing, then take it in turns to say what it is, ("My name is  (Sam) and I have an electronic dump truck") The rest of the group repeats " He is Sam and he has an electronic dump truck." The next person says the previous ones before announcing their own. "He is Sam and he has an electronic dump truck . I am (Julia). I have a book about angels." Others can help out a child who struggles to remember. You might like to write down what each child says to review later.

Youngest children: This Person do This

Explain that you will say an action and then call some names. Those whose name you call have to quickly do the action, then sit and fold their hands back in their lap. When you say “everybody” everyone, has to do it.’

Announce actions (like wave your arms, run to the door, quack like a duck) with individuals' names, interspersed with ‘everybody’ actions.

Finish with ‘Whisper "the end" – Everybody’. 

Youngest Children: Do This...

Have a list of the children's names. Call out the names one at a time and as you call a name the child has to stand and do a designated activity (eg. tap Susie on the shoulder, point to something starting with 'T' or stand on one leg.)

Older Children: Which Ones are Right?

Tell the children three interesting things about yourself, two true, one false. Let them guess which ones are true. 

Then ask the children to write three things about themselves, two that are true and one that is false. The children introduce themsleves in turn reading their three things for the rest of the class to guess which two are true. Don't let it go on too long. It's a game you can do any time.

Variation Put all the papers in a box. Draw out one at a time and have the class guess who it refers to.

(If the group is a large one, don't let this go on too long. You can always give those who missed out a turn next time.) 

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