Additional resources

The main questions kids ask with answers from the Bible. Written for 8-12 year olds.

PowerPoint Presentations

To use when talking with a school principal about SRE/CRI, at school orientation for new families, or in teacher training

Letters and Articles

Inspiring books for adults

Too Small To Ignore 

Why the least of these matters most

by Dr Wes Stafford

The leader of Compassion International shares his inspiring boyhood adventures growing up in an African village and challenges us all to change the world one child at a time.

Children and the Gospel

by Ron Buckland

This book is for the theologically inclined and gives a careful, comprehensive theological underpinning of ministry with children

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions

by George Barna

This book is based on sound research and will inspire you to aim higher in ministry with children while at the same time equipping you to explain to others why children's ministry is so important.

Books to help in your ministry with children


What I wanna know

by Scripture Union

Most school Scripture teachers run into behaviour problems at times. As a refresher for yourself or to train others use the powerpoint below.

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