Changes and Developments

We have some exciting news about our 2017 resources. After listening to the suggestions of a number of you we are making some improvements.


In 2017 GodSpace will be Purple 2017 and we will be going to a single Lesson Manual of 30 lessons plus two extra lessons to cover the whole year. Click here for the overview. We will continue the 3 year cycle over the following years - also single books -

Yellow 2018 & Green 2019. The material will still follow the same format with lessons for every age group plus the combined group available in the one book. Each lesson will be reviewed and updated. In time there will be some additional lessons on the website available for those who have classes for more than 32 weeks of the year. Revision Lessons will be on the Power Tools.


Power Tools will be in the form of a USB memory card (the size of a credit card so it will still sit flat in

the back of the Lesson Manual but open up to go into your USB slot in the computer). On the memory card

you will also find a new improved format - each lesson will have its own folder with all the components that

you need for that lesson in one place. Lesson Tools will continue to be available on the Power Tools but not

as a separate physical book. You may still use your existing Lesson Tools or email us for alternatives.


For the children the magazine will be one 40 page magazine to cover the whole year - with a stronger cover

and binding. It will still include all the great extras like mega find-a-words for the fast finishers. 

Explorers magazine will also become a 40 page A4 portrait booklet (like the other magazines). Single page for each lesson.

Click here to see a PURPLE 2017 sample lesson


In the end of April 2017 we are also introducing Discoverers - a stand alone Lesson Manual (and UCB card) for First Year at School children (4-5 year olds) of 30 lessons giving an overview of the lessons to be covered in following years. Click here for the draft overview. This has been drawn from the 6 different Explorers semesters. Reviewed and written specifically with this age group and ability level in mind and giving them a first rate introduction to SRE/RI/SRI/CRI. In time there will be some additional lessons on the website available for those who still need more to cover all their weeks. There will be a 60 page student booklet, A4 landscape, with pull out worksheets for Discoverers.


Finally the annual cost to you will be reduced as well as the administration time with only one order and payment needed. As always, if you need additional books they will be available to order all year. Click here to see prices and order form.


We do still have some Yellow One, Yellow Two, Green One & Two Books available though stock is limited.


We really appreciate receiving feedback and consider all suggestions. Although it's not possible to accommodate everyone's needs and individual situations we do prayerfully reflect and assess how changes may effect the group as a whole.

How to order GodSpace material    Click here


mail to PO Box 572 Penrith NSW 2751

scan Purple 2017 order form and email to

email to

fax to 02 4732 1225

phone contact 1 300 GODSPACE  (1300 463 772) - this will be the cost of a local call.

international phone + 61 2 4721 9037


phone  02 4721 9037

physical address  Unit 7, 55 York Road, South Penrith NSW  (Pick up orders available from here. Handling fee will be applied)

For ALL other GodSpace orders and enquires please email GodSpace.


what’s new for 2017?

what’s new for 2017

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